About Fluna

Our mission is to accelerate growth in African businesses

We are passionate about empowering every African business with the tools and network needed to scale across global markets - independent of company size, growth stage or country

Our Values

Our core values at Fluna

Ethical based leadership

We value strong principles of integrity, transparency and honesty

Team comes first

We strive for good vibes and deep respect as a collective

Make positive, lasting change

We build to solve meaningful challenges and enable sustainable, inclusive and equitable impact on the communities we serve

Ownership mindset

We fully own our impact through ego-less communication, productive disagreement, and empowered changemaking

Our Story

Helping African exporters grow

We started Fluna in 2021 to help African SMEs unlock capital to allow them to scale their businesses. We built a digital platform that allows partners to understand financial, operational and people capabilities on each SMEĀ in our network in order to assess risk.

For African suppliers that have passed our rigourous risk assement, we help them expand their market access by matching them with reliable buyers.