Dried Hibiscus Flower

The export of dried hibiscus flowers from Africa has gained momentum, establishing the continent as a significant contributor to the global market for this sought-after floral product. African countries with favorable climates and a focus on agricultural diversification are becoming key players in dried hibiscus flower production and export.

Some of the prominent dried hibiscus flower-producing and exporting countries in Africa include: Sudan, Nigeria and Egypt.


Moisture: 5% max

Colour:  Dark red, bright red, purple

Whole Flowers: 90% min

Foreign Matter : 2% max

Total Ash: 10% max

Acid Insoluble Ash: 1.5% max

Broken Flowers: 5% min

Appearance: Slightly brittle calyxes of shining light red to dark purple colour; at the bottom of the inner side

Taste: Sour

Smell: Slightly fruity

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