Ugandan Green Coffee Beans

Robusta and Arabica

Uganda, the eighth-largest coffee producer globally, exports approximately 5 million bags of coffee annually, with Robusta constituting around 80% of the export and Arabica making up the remaining 20%. Grown in the fertile highlands of Uganda, this coffee benefits from ideal growing conditions and sustainable farming practices


Screen: 18, 15, 12

Moisture Content: 11.5 to 12%

Defects: 6-8%

Foreign Matter: 3%

Cupping Taste: Normally smooth and nutty

Origin: Uganda


Grade: AA (17, 18, 19), A (16, 17), AB (15+)

Moisture Content: 11.5 to 12%

Defects: 4%

Foreign Matter: 2%

Cupping Taste: Normally fruity, citrus and chocolate

Origin: Uganda

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